People Are Our Power

Hester Yorgey

ENGIE Insight knows that acting as a good corporate citizen requires us to think critically about the numerous ways our business impacts the world around us. Because of this, we’ve built our corporate responsibility strategy around four key areas: employees, clients, community and environment. Setting and tracking annual goals in each category contributes to the health of our business and allows us to ensure we’re truly “walking the walk” in our day-to-day work.

It’s no coincidence that ENGIE Insight’s people come first on this list. The challenges of the new energy landscape can’t be solved by big data and dashboards alone—it’s the insight of our employees that allows us to connect the dots and deliver innovative, effective solutions. Their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise make Ecova better and more powerful, and we seek to create a workplace in which our employees can grow their individual careers and advance within the company. This desire led us to identify and exceed a goal of providing 45,000 training and professional development hours to our staff by the end of 2016, a success we’ve reported on in our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Supporting our employees’ growth and development through community engagement is also a high priority. With eight hours of paid volunteer time available, we encourage all employees to connect with their communities and develop additional skills from their volunteer experiences. Collectively we volunteered more than 7,800 hours in 2016.

To further our impact in 2017, we added two new community service initiatives. First, we launched ENGIE Insight’s Community Service Month in conjunction with our 20th Anniversary celebration. Employees took advantage of an additional four hours of paid volunteer time to participate in company sponsored events during the month of May, volunteering a total of 1100 hours in four weeks.

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We know many of our employees are committed to non-profit organizations in their free time. To celebrate and encourage additional volunteering outside of work, ENGIE Insight launched the Elevating Impact award that gives employees money to donate to the organization of their choice upon reaching certain volunteer hour thresholds. Both of these program serve to amplify our impact within our communities and create a more holistic and positive employee experience.

Read our full Corporate Responsibility Report to find out how we’re driving high employee satisfaction and encouraging individual development—and how our 2016 results prepare us for future success.

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