Why Finance, Energy and Facility Professionals Should Test Drive the Ecova Platform

Alison Liaboe

For finance leaders of multi-site, geographically disperse organizations, managing utility payables – both in terms of processing and paying them on time and capturing the rich data from within them, can be challenging and costly. With utility costs coming in as a top 5 expense for many companies, reducing these costs is a top priority for finance, energy and facility leaders, alike.

For over 20 years, ENGIE Insight has helped some of today’s most successful companies manage these payables more effectively while capturing data that enables them to reduce energy, waste and water costs. Our Expense and Data Management (EDM) solution coupled with the ENGIE Insight Platform are foundational to how we help them do it. The ENGIE Insight Platform gives our clients the visibility and flexibility they need to more effectively manage expenses across their portfolio, while also shining light on resource consumption trends, outliers and savings opportunities.

Today, more than 750 of today’s leading companies, and over 26% of the Fortune 500 trust ENGIE Insight to serve as an extension of their Accounts Payable department for expense and data management. By outsourcing bill pay and data capture for these complex payables, our clients save on time, late fees, shut off fees, bill errors, etc., but just as importantly, also gain invaluable insights into vendor information, consumption details and bill management.  All of this insightful data is delivered to our clients via the robust, intuitive ENGIE Insight Platform. In the past, we have been limited to delivering screen shots to clients who want to learn more about the Platform, which doesn’t always illustrate its dynamic features and capabilities. Now, we are excited to announce a new Platform test drive tool!

We believe in a hands-on experience, where users are free to spend 7 full days exploring the features and reporting capabilities of the Platform. We hope that this experience will help companies take the next step toward optimizing the management of complex payables, while gaining necessary insights for leading critical business decisions.

During the 7-day trial period, users can explore several features of a utility expense data set, including:

  • Dashboard with interactive graphs
  • View of all locations in one place, including account information and bill images
  • Vendor index with account detail
  • Vendor, location, and bill search
  • Expense Manager reports
  • Details of accrued savings

Users will also have access to these valuable reporting tools:

  • Annual usage and cost analysis reports
  • Cost and usage trending or year-over-year comparison
  • Complete invoice detail reporting

… and more!

Discover why hundreds of leading companies have gained a competitive advantage by utilizing ENGIE Insight’s EDM solutions and the Ecova Platform by trying it yourself for seven days.

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