Healthy Planet, Healthy Business: ENGIE Insight’s Unwavering Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Hester Yorgey

As a leader in the energy industry, the environment has always been one of the four key pillars of ENGIE Insight’s (formerly Ecova) commitment to corporate responsibility—both because it’s the right thing to do and because it’s good for our business. As we continue to integrate corporate responsibility into our daily processes and activities, finding new ways to use resources more efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint will remain a top priority.

If you’ve read our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report, you know that last year we reduced our carbon footprint by 19 tCO2e—a 0.5 percent reduction from our 2015 baseline. This year, we’re building off the strong foundation we have built over the last five years to achieve even more powerful results in 2017. I’m excited to share some of the innovative strategies and process improvements that we’re pursuing to reduce our own business-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by three percent (120 tCO2e) by year end:

  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Working closely with our Energy Procurement Team, we are currently in the final stages of purchasing RECs to offset each unit of electricity used by ENGIE Insight last year.
  • Internal audits. We’ve enlisted ENGIE Insight’s waste and energy experts to conduct comprehensive waste, energy and water audits at each of our office locations. The insight gleaned through these audits will allow us to benchmark accurately and set attainable energy, water and waste efficiency and behavioral goals.
  • Sub-metering. Despite some complications caused by changes in our real estate portfolio, we are on track to have sub-meters installed in all offices by the end of the year. Sub-metering will provide us with greater visibility into site performance and allow us to encourage and incentivize behavioral changes around resource use in our offices.
  • Environmental leadership. Regardless of political factors, ENGIE Insight’s commitment to reducing our carbon emissions remains unwavering. We’re proud to be one of more than 1,200 leading American businesses to sign the National Climate Declaration and take action on climate change. We work diligently to “walk the talk,” modeling the same environmentally responsible strategies we recommend to our customers, and are continually pushing ourselves to meet industry best practices.

The energy landscape changes constantly, and as we evolve as a business, we must seek out new opportunities to reduce our environmental impact. In the near future, we’re pursuing the development of science-based targets and long-term goals, investigating ways to address impacts related to our supply chain. By accelerating the reduction of our carbon footprint, we position our business for truly sustainable success.

Read our full Corporate Responsibility Report to learn more about ENGIE Insight’s commitment to environmental responsibility and how we’re staying on track towards our 2017 goals.

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