The Top 3 Energy Saving Opportunities of Proactive Facilities Management

Jeff King, Director, Ecova Operations Control Center

Where does energy fall within your facilities budget? For many multi-site companies, it’s one of the largest, and most predictable operating expenses. Fortunately, building systems, emerging technologies, and smart data can be the resources you need to truly manage energy consumption across your portfolio—and drive significant and sustainable savings.

As companies continue to invest in new technology across their sites, facility managers find themselves with access to more data from more sources than ever before. Big data has the potential to increase operational efficiency and reduce usage costs. But simply collecting and analyzing data isn’t enough to drive energy savings across a geographically dispersed, highly varied portfolio. Transforming this insight into action requires the ability to monitor and manage asset performance, enabling a proactive facilities management approach.

Your initial Energy Management System (EMS) purchase will provide you with a much-needed reduction in overall energy spend. Over time, however, savings will diminish if the EMS isn’t managed properly. Operating conditions change constantly, service providers adjust set points, and equipment runs less consistently as it ages, so this internal management requires a tremendous amount of time and labor on your part. The situation becomes even more complex as your business grows and new sites are added or acquired, each with their own building systems.

Ask yourself the following questions: Can you ensure that your lights are off when your stores are closed? Will you catch your HVAC system’s declining performance before it results in high energy bills? How many resources do you need to provide 24-hour coverage of system failure or alarms? Without continuous monitoring, portfolios drift from corporate standards over time and standardized operating conditions become more difficult to achieve.

By continuously monitoring and managing your facilities you remove this burden from your business and benefit from three significant energy saving opportunities:

  1. Maintain Ideal Set Points
  2. Optimize Schedules
  3. Optimize Asset Performance

Taking a proactive facilities management approach has driven powerful results for ENGIE Insight’s clients. For example, employing set-point management alone saved one quick serve restaurant $140,000 in annual energy costs.

Access to good data is a vital part of modern facilities management. To maximize your energy savings and ROI on your EMS, however, you need the ability to act on this data—and to do so before performance issues damage your bottom line.

Learn more about how proactive facilities managing is driving powerful energy savings for industry leaders by watching ENGIE Insight’s latest webinar, Turn Data Into Savings with Proactive Facilities Management.

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