Strategic Global Energy Sourcing: Let Insight Be Your Guide

Kristopher Borgert, Senior Manager, International Operations

Energy sourcing on an international scale represents a daunting endeavor fraught with complex regulatory, environmental, and socio-political issues. Making informed, strategic decisions in the complex global energy market while meeting budgetary goals and concerns can be a real challenge, even for the most seasoned energy sourcing professionals. The amount of information needed to ensure the proper decisions are made is immense – and, although the information is available, it’s disparate and time-consuming to pull together, making it hard to see the full picture.

ENGIE Insight has recognized the need for a more comprehensive view of global energy market information. Utilizing a highly skilled team of market experts across the world, we have assembled a Global Energy Market Analysis, which provides detailed information on various energy markets around the world where ENGIE Insight provides solutions.

Through a combination of ENGIE Insight offices and regional partners, this analysis highlights energy market insights from 29 countries. Each country includes an energy pricing profile and critical information regarding their individual energy industry. In addition, we give a breakdown of each country’s:

  • Energy Sourcing Opportunity
  • Geo-Demographics
  • Pricing Trends and Cost Avoidance Potential

Regional Highlights:

  • Europe: The opportunity to enter the open market is more prevalent in this region on a country to country basis than any other region in the world. In addition, many of the markets have a high degree of complexity and allow clients to have highly variable purchasing strategies, with the United Kingdom and Sweden being the most complex.
  • Latin America: While this region offers one of earliest deregulated energy markets (Chile), overall Latin America offers few options for free-market competition when compared to both North America and Europe with less than half of the countries having access to energy deregulation. In addition, many of the deregulated countries require high monthly electric demand values to qualify for the free market.
  • Asia Pacific: This is a dynamic and rapidly evolving region that will likely grow in global energy importance in the coming decade. Deregulation varies across this developing region as would be expected. Vietnam is expected to enter deregulation in the 2020’s.  Singapore is moving toward total deregulation. Australia offers the largest fully deregulated market in the region while also being a major supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for regasification abroad.

Through regional highlights and country-specific information, ENGIE Insight’s capabilities as a preferred energy sourcing partner are emphasized.

Working with ENGIE Insight on a global scale offers our clients the following key features and benefits:

  • Consistent coverage across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable staff and partner companies providing in-depth market intelligence.
  • Online access to contracts for anytime visibility into existing supply agreements across the globe through a single platform.
  • Global client-specific risk profile development to align energy procurement with corporate risk tolerance.
  • Concise reporting on relevant contract information, market opportunities and work in progress.
  • Post-contract verification assures site enrollment to new contract pricing.
  • Convenience and additional cost savings from working with a single point provider, with the flexibility to handle intertwining services internationally.

For many years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with some of today’s leading Global Energy Sourcing professionals, giving us the opportunity to hear and understand the specific, unique challenges that they face. We’ve heard those challenges and are pleased to be able to offer this new resource. Special thanks to our regional experts and partners for their invaluable assistance in assembling ENGIE Insight’s Global Energy Market Analysis.

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