Why I’m Joining Ecova: A Message from Ecova’s New CEO

Mathias Lelievre, President & CEO at ENGIE Insight

I am thrilled and honored to introduce myself to you all as Ecova’s new President and CEO (now known as ENGIE Insight)—and to share my excitement about joining the company at this crucial juncture in the energy revolution. Following in the footsteps of Jana Schmidt, I look forward to drawing on my experience with ENGIE Insight’s parent company ENGIE to support the incredible growth potential I see here.

At ENGIE, I most recently served as head of the Green Mobility Program, a $400+ million enterprise which revolutionizes transportation systems worldwide in order to reduce congestion, pollution, CO2 emissions, and noise. I was also privileged to serve as Chief of Staff for Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE’s President and CEO, providing me with an unparalleled opportunity to accompany an amazing leader through her challenges of redefining the company’s strategy, and lead an unmatched transformation. As such, I’ve also seen the importance of ENGIE Insight’s innovative, technology-enabled solutions in the evolving energy landscape—a major factor in my decision to step into this new role.

Moving my family from Paris to Boston is quite an adventure, but I’m eager to begin working with my new ENGIE Insight team. Working closely with Isabelle Kocher for nearly three years has given me a chance to learn from a truly “green” CEO and stay one step ahead of the ever-changing market. Now, I’ll be partnering closely with ENGIE Insight’s Chief Operating Officer, Martin Sieh, and the Executive Leadership Team to leverage their deep insight and experience. ENGIE Insight is already highly competitive nationwide, and our recent investment in new digital strategies and energy efficiency initiatives positions us to lead transformation occurring in our industry and influence global energy trends. I’m thrilled to be part of such a dynamic company and look forward to working with our stakeholders and our valued utility and business partners to drive even more powerful results.

“At the crossroads of technology and energy efficiency, ENGIE Insight is at the heart of the energy revolution, and I am humbled and eager to lead this next chapter of immense opportunity.”

To learn more about me and my vision for ENGIE Insight, please view this informal video we filmed recently. I’ll provide more updates in the near future as ENGIE Insight moves into this exciting next chapter.

Ecova is now ENGIE Insight

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