A New Day for Sustainable Resource Management

Mathias Lelievre, President & CEO at ENGIE Insight

Today is a very exciting day across all our offices and teams – Ecova has officially unveiled our new name and brand: ENGIE Insight. This change comes as our organization works to intensify and accelerate a singular focus on our core capabilities: helping multi-site customers achieve business growth while also reducing their resource consumption.

I’d like to share how we came to decide on the name ENGIE Insight. Adopting ENGIE as part of our name of course connects us directly with our parent company and is synonymous with a new way to look at our energy world. Insight connotes providing a unique perspective and wisdom. True insight requires reliable data, expertise, the right tools, and innovation to bring intelligence to the forefront and is critical to navigate the increasing complexity of the energy and sustainability marketplace.

ENGIE Insight’s streamlined focus is on helping multi-site customers unlock data-driven insights to achieve business results while reducing their resource consumption, including energy, water, waste and telecommunications. This resolved focus builds off our more than 20 years of expertise serving our business clients while accelerating investment in these areas to do even more. As new strategies evolve over time, we will implement the following actions:

  • We will intensify and accelerate focus on our core capabilities. Our solutions are already trusted by leading customers—including more than 25 percent of Fortune 500 companies—to move their sustainable resource management initiatives forward. With ENGIE’s support, we are making a large, multi-year investment in technology and capabilities for our integrated expense and data management and advisory solutions. This will allow us to build on our hallmarks of collecting and managing disparate and complex transactional data, utilizing analytics and expertise to draw insights from that data, and supporting our customers as they implement and act on our recommendations.
  • We will make use of a large global brand platform. As the most valuable utility brand in the world, ENGIE has a strong market presence and is already positioned to be a leader in the new energy revolution. Over 150,000 employees around the globe strive for harmonious progress, reconciling economic performance with social and environmental responsibility. ENGIE’s global brand platform, which is growing significantly in North America, will provide our company with benefits that include a more impactful voice in the marketplace and an increased ability to attract top talent.
  • We will help our customers navigate and architect a new energy and sustainability future. Although today marks the beginning of a new name, the Ecova-ENGIE partnership began in 2014. Since then, our two companies have been aligned with our mission and vision and this unified brand will allow us to increase the market’s awareness of our critical mission.

Of course, with change comes natural questions. I want to assure all our valued clients and partners of what will remain the same for ENGIE Insight:

  • We will remain an independent operating company, serving as a trusted advisor to our clients in the same way we have been providing our services for the last three years.
  • We will maintain strict data security and compliance. When we were acquired by ENGIE in 2014, we established an ethical wall to ensure client contract commitments are respected and confidential. We have established barriers to silo sensitive client and supplier data for only those users that are authorized, and these restrictions will be maintained.
  • We will continue our vendor-agnostic approach. We will offer complete transparency with procurement bids and vendor recommendations. Our clients demand that we bring them the best possible solutions to solve their resource challenges, and we remain committed to doing so.

Again, today is a momentous day for our company, our employees and our business clients. I hope you will all share in my excitement and optimism as we join with ENGIE to build a more sustainable world through harmonious progress – reconciling the business needs of our customers with social and environmental responsibility!  As I reflected in my year-end blog post, there is a powerful momentum among businesses to drive energy and sustainability initiatives and ENGIE Insight will be there to enable business models that allow growth without more consumption. Technology improvements are providing meaningful and profitable solutions; data and analytics are providing the right insights to make informed decisions and public demand for environmental responsibility is enabling us to move faster toward our new bold objectives.

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