When it’s Good to be Labeled: ENERGY STAR® Certified Buildings

Paige Kindell Janson, Chief Commercial Officer at ENGIE Insight

ENERGY STAR Awards, 2018April is a beautiful time in Washington, D.C.… spring ushers in warmer temperatures, the infamous cherry blossoms, and the annual ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year awards ceremony! I was honored to personally attend the ceremony on Friday, April 20, along with ENGIE Insight’s president and CEO, Mathias Lelievre, to accept our 14th consecutive award as Partner of the Year, Service and Product Provider and also 12th consecutive recognition for Sustained Excellence. ENGIE Insight was recognized by ENERGY STAR for our continued commitment to ENERGY STAR tools and shared values.

For me, another highlight of the ceremony was seeing many of our clients recognized for their own success in energy efficiency. Their commitment to the continued improvement of building performance year after year, as well as the creativity in doing new and innovative things is impressive. ENERGY STAR has continued to challenge us to find more, expand our reach, and promote this good work through all our channels. Empowering our employees at work and at home was a common theme, and very excited to see that emphasized in many of the winner’s stories.

The Power of the Label

Our clients with ENERGY STAR certified buildings are proud to be labeled, especially because of the positive association consumers have with ENERGY STAR blue. Earning ENERGY STAR certification comes with much more than just bragging rights. Our clients see reduced emissions, lower operating costs, and real financial returns from increased property values. Would you believe that more than 32,000 buildings have earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR and cut their energy bills by $4.5 billion since 1999?!

ENGIE Insight is passionate about helping our clients save energy. The first step is understanding how your sites stack up to similar sites. That’s where Portfolio Manager comes in. ENGIE Insight benchmarks over 53,000 properties each month across more than 75 client portfolios, providing more data to ENERGY STAR than any other service provider, which helps our clients meet their benchmarking requirements.

Companies can then make the decision to identify and pursue opportunities for ENERGY STAR certification. In 2017, we helped more than 305 properties earn ENERGY STAR certification, including 206 re-certifications. Here are just a few of the top benefits for companies that pursue ENERGY STAR certification for their buildings:

1. Lower operating costs.

The average ENERGY STAR certified building uses 35 percent less energy, and the cost savings can be substantial. It costs 50 cents less per square foot to operate, and in 2015, the average savings per certified building was $250,000.

2. Higher income and increased rental value.

It is more likely that the higher net operating income from energy cost savings will be recognized through higher building valuation.

3. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Because ENERGY STAR certified buildings are verified to use 35 percent less energy, on average, than similar buildings, they can also be verified to contribute 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Simplify Benchmarking and Regulatory Compliance

As more cities, states and countries around the globe are committing to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, reporting on building performance here in the U.S. is becoming a requirement, not an option. Broad benchmarking requirements for public, commercial and multifamily buildings have been adopted in nearly 20 of our largest cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia and others. Some municipalities, such as Berkeley, California, take this requirement one step further, requiring ENERGY STAR Performance Reports and annual energy assessments. As technology advances and public opinion evolves, this list will continue to grow.


With all this change, many of our clients are struggling to keep up. Our recommendation? Make it easy. Using an electronic data feed, your data is seamlessly transferred to ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager and directly to regulatory bodies, eliminating the manual data entry process and protecting data integrity for complex, multi-site businesses. Regulatory Reporting also provides an opportunity for benchmarking, which brings visibility into site performance. This visibility enables you to target specific sites for further review, including those that can benefit from efficiency improvements or best practice recommendations.

Next Time Let’s Meet in D.C.!

While the ENERGY STAR awards happen only once a year, we’re excited to keep our efforts going all year as we uncover smart opportunities to help our clients meet their energy goals and benchmarking requirements. From streamlining your portfolio benchmarking to getting buildings certified, know that ENGIE Insight can help you nearly every step along the way. We hope to see you at the ENERGY STAR awards next spring – and every spring after! Let’s get you started – contact us today.

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