Q2 Energy Market Update: Your Total Summer Outlook

Jonathan Lee, Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager at ENGIE Insight

As we look to close the door on winter, at least hopefully, it’s time to shift our attention to summer and what may be in store. Early temperature forecasts are signaling warmer risks for the West, South, and East, with mostly average conditions in the Midwest. Wholesale electric prices have started to creep up in various regions, with summer reliability concerns in focus. On the other hand, natural gas prices are basically in a holding pattern for now as the market waits for a clearer supply and demand picture. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll dive deeper into those market drivers, as well as explore ways to lower peak demand and reduce costs. Here’s a few key topics we’ll be covering:

  • Natural gas production is running at a record pace, but will it be enough to close the gap on a widening storage deficit ahead of next winter?
  • Summer energy price volatility could return amid several power plant retirements and other reliability concerns.
  • Peak load contributions are set during the hottest days of the summer and knowing how to reduce demand during those periods can lead to lower electric bills.
  • Budget season is already around the corner, so what can you do now to prepare.

One or more of these topics could affect your energy strategy over the next few months, so you’re invited to learn more about what actions to take next. Join me, Jonathan Lee, and Ross Dillon for an overview and discussion of these issues.

Thursday, May 10, 2018
11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT

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