Four Strategies to Strengthen Employee Engagement

Christine Uri, Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer at ENGIE Insight

A strong workforce of committed employees is essential to any company’s success. It’s no different at ENGIE Insight, where continually increasing the value that we provide to our clients is contingent on having employees with deep industry and company knowledge, who are passionate and driven to deliver on our clients’ goals as well as our mission, vision and values.

While much has been written about the Millennial workforce, there’s no denying that the generation has changed how companies engage with their employees, and this is a good thing. Engagement strategies were once merely a nice option that some employers used, but today they are a “must have” to increase retention. Over the past few years ENGIE Insight has launched a much more robust employee engagement program to attract and keep top talent. This program strives for improvements in employee/knowledge retention, recognition, and client satisfaction.

Today’s Millennials are also demanding sustainability accounting, both as consumers and employees. Companies with active employee engagement programs are more successful in their corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts, which then also drive company savings. According to Aon Hewitt, a 5% increase in employee engagement increases revenue by 3%. For example, Caesars Entertainment’s CodeGreen program drives its sustainability efforts and features incentives and fun competitions to keep employees engaged. As a result, since 2007, Caesars has reduced energy consumption by 21%, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 34%, and managed to achieve a 43% waste diversion rate. In 2016, CDP awarded Caesars its highest possible score—a perfect A—and a place on the coveted CDP Climate A-list.

The following anecdotal actions and strategies around employee engagement—implemented right here at ENGIE Insight—can help you strengthen not only employee retention, but also your company’s corporate responsibility initiatives.

1. Cover Your Bases.

To start, it’s crucial that each employee has a strong foundation and that basic needs are taken care of – that is, they have proper onboarding and job training, the tools and resources they need to be successful, clear work expectations, a strong relationship with their manager, and appropriate compensation that recognizes the experience and abilities of each employee. When companies miss these seemingly simple steps, or more commonly, don’t give them the attention they deserve, they miss the opportunity to create a sense of security and belonging. We’ve created a strategy that targets these areas to ensure we continue to provide this solid foundation as ENGIE Insight evolves.

2. Spread Accountability Through the Organization.

It’s particularly challenging for a multisite business to actively engage employees at all levels, across many geographic locations. To foster deeper engagement across all our offices, ENGIE Insight has also adopted a network approach to connect employees with other leaders and teams. Each location has a site leader that regularly shares out company information to increase connectiveness while building a sense of shared purpose and identity. We also have a network of hundreds of employees across all our sites focused on driving an engaging company culture and daily experience for all our employees.

3. Sing your Team’s Praises.

Make recognition and opportunities for feedback a core part of your company culture. At ENGIE Insight, we launched the companywide Ovation Awards program, a peer-to-peer recognition platform that gives employees the ability to easily recognize and thank each other for living our core values. We also initiated a quarterly employee pulse survey, which allows ENGIE Insight leaders to gain regular feedback about employees’ experience and continue to hone an engagement strategy to meet employee needs. Recognition also fosters a more personal connection to sustainability initiatives, inspiring everyone to do more to uncover new ways to conserve and share what they’ve learned.

4. Remember, We’re Never Too Old to Learn.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world, it’s critical that employees have the opportunity to continually learn and develop. ENGIE Insight nurtures a culture that encourages all employees to thrive through training and ongoing professional development. In 2016, we provided a total of 45,416 training and professional development hours to our employees, exceeding our goal of 45,000 hours. As part of these hours, we reimbursed 2,500 employee education hours, totaling more than $85,000, through our employee education reimbursement program—knowledge and skills that will be put back into our strategies and solutions.

I’m looking forward to bringing you more information about our engagement strategy, along with real stories from ENGIE Insight employees about their role and experiences working at ENGIE Insight. I hope these stories help you and your organization better understand the value of employee engagement for your overall success. Stay tuned for more blog posts in this series!

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