Q3 Energy Market Update: How to Prepare for Fall

Jonathan Lee, Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager at ENGIE Insight

Even though there is still more summer ahead, fall—a typical shoulder season where energy prices decline—is on the horizon. So far, temperatures have mostly mirrored pre-summer forecasts for warmer risks in the West, South, and Northeast, with average conditions in the Midwest. Natural gas, which has been conflicted by record production and a widening storage deficit, has largely traded in a narrow range, while wholesale electric prices in the hottest regions have trended higher. Will this fall be like other years where energy prices dip before winter or could we have already seen the pre-winter lows? It’s hard to know which direction prices will eventually end up moving, but there are some strong trends developing on either side of the coin.

I invite you to join me, Jonathan Lee, for an overview and discussion of these issues during the next Energy Market Update webinar. We’ll look back at summer energy price movement, overview those strong market themes carrying into fall, and share tips on developing next year’s energy budget. Here are a few key topics we’ll be covering:

  • Natural gas production is running at a record pace, but will it be enough to close the gap on a widening storage deficit ahead of winter?
  • We could be in store for a milder winter, with forecasters predicting a 70% chance of El Niño developing by the end of fall.
  • With fewer natural gas reserves in storage, natural gas basis and wholesale electric prices have started to creep up in the Midwest and Northeast.
  • Budget season is upon us, so what steps can you take to create a successful target?

One or more of these topics could affect your energy strategy over the next few months, so you’re invited to learn more about what actions to take next.

Q3 Energy Market Update Webinar
Thursday, August 30, 2018
11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT

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