Lessons Learned on the Coast to Coast Sustainability Tour

Mathias Lelievre, President & CEO at ENGIE Insight

In July, ENGIE Insight traveled across the country to meet with business leaders, sustainability innovators, green financiers and others ‘on the ground’ who are capitalizing on sustainable resource management. The tour gave me the opportunity to cut through the ‘noise’ and hear directly from business leaders about sustainability in action: their progress, challenges, ideas, and lessons learned. Each day of the Tour, I was inspired by companies and organizations who are investing money, time, skills, and innovative effort to ensure they are using (or helping others use) resources more effectively. Company leaders and employees—from the C-suite to the customer service counter—are making contributions to support the success of their sustainability programs. These programs are not a “nice to have” but a business imperative from a ROI and bottom line perspective.

“The energy and sustainability landscape is increasingly complex, but businesses cannot take a wait-and-see approach, or they will fall behind. Sustainability is not just happening but accelerating right now and this charge is being led by businesses across the United States.”

To be successful, sustainability must be totally integrated to the business. For many, efforts are driven directly by employees. The examples shared on our Coast to Coast Tour reinforced my confidence in saying that sustainability is not just happening but thriving in the U.S. today and that businesses are leading this charge.

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