Highlights from the Evolving State of the 3D’s Webinar

John Failla, Founder & Editorial Director at Smart Energy Decisions

I recently had the pleasure of moderating a special video panel discussion presented by ENGIE Insight and hosted by Smart Energy Decisions. The complex topic—understanding the “3D’s” of decarbonization, decentralization and digitization—was discussed and dissected by our three expert panelists. I, for one, came away with a much better understanding of how these forces are driving corporate sustainability and learned some great takeaways.

“Keep in mind that all three Ds are linked… that is how we will make it to the smart energy grid of the future. Decarbonization is the motivation, decentralization is one of the methods to get there and digitization is how you enable the whole thing to achieve the smart grid.” – Vikram Kulkarni

SED-3Ds-WebinarMy Top Five 3D’s Webinar Highlights


1. Decarbonization and economics are main drivers for large power users to adopt sustainability goals.

The ability of companies to combine purpose with strong economic performance is a powerful draw for investors. Sara Law, vice president and head of Global Sustainability at CDP, touched on this topic several times during our discussion and had some important advice for companies looking to advance their sustainability goals.

2. U.S.-based companies are driven by their investors, not politics.

The largest uptick of companies taking up SBTs are in the United States (there are 500 companies globally, and 100 of those companies are in the U.S.). Companies are hearing from their investors that SBTs are important and responding.

3. Adoption of on-site solar is escalating.

Vikram Kulkarni, VP of Sustainability Initiatives at ENGIE Sustainability, told us that decreasing costs of solar are escalating its adoption globally. He also explained the stage is set for another distributed energy resource that will optimize solar even further. This combination will be a clear differentiator in the market in the future.

4. Data is becoming more granular, offering greater insights.

Innovations cloud computing, databases and analytics are bringing together data that used to be siloed and we now have the tools to analyze that information more quickly and effectively. This allows companies to look at programs holistically to drive resource and carbon reductions.
Mike Kaplan, VP of Marketing for ENGIE Insight, explained the myriad benefits for companies who can harness and act on this data.

5. Conversations need to happen between C&I customers and their utilities.

It’s amazing that one-third of C&I customers have never talked to their utilities about their energy goals and sustainability interests! Our discussion revealed why this has to change, and the benefits of customers and utilities working together on new ways to manage energy supply.


That’s really all I want to give away for now, but all in all, I had a fascinating conversation with the panelists. I do encourage you to view the entire discussion between panelists concerning the 3D’s… and we even had some time to talk about what the future may hold for the EV revolution!

View Entire Panel Discussion

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