ENERGY STAR Leaders Not Resting on Their Building Efficiency Laurels

Mike Kaplan, VP of Marketing at ENGIE Insight

On April 11, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) honored 183 organizations for their outstanding contributions to the environment and their leadership in cost-saving energy efficient solutions at the ENERGY STAR Partner of Year Award event. ENGIE Insight was proud to accept our 15th consecutive award as Partner of the Year as a Service and Product Provider, along with our 13th consecutive recognition for Sustained Excellence. It was a great honor to be included alongside so many leading organizations, such as Best Buy, Verizon and Kohl’s.


An ENERGY STAR Lesson: If You Are Standing Still, You Are Falling Behind

During the night, I could not help but reflect on last year, when many businesses actually saw their ENERGY STAR scores drop. Why? The underlying building stock energy use data that’s leveraged to calculate ENERGY STAR scores was updated for the first time in about a decade (it’s an arduous process!). Because the U.S. building stock became more efficient over that period, this essentially raised the bar, overnight, to achieve high ENERGY STAR scores.

It was a decade long shock waiting to happen.

But the reality is, buildings are becoming more energy efficient every day – not once in ten years.

So, business operators themselves must constantly improve to ensure they are maximizing savings and minimizing their carbon footprint at the pace of or faster than the competition.

Fortunately, those of us who attended this year’s awards celebration saw that the industry leaders fully recognize this concept, and certainly are not standing still. Companies are looking at increasingly advanced energy efficiency (yet still economically proven) improvements, as well as bringing other sustainability solutions like renewables and electric vehicles into the mainstream. It was exciting to see the continued commitment to not only improved building performance year-over-year, as well as an expanded focus of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Why Should My Business Use ENERGY STAR Benchmarking in the First Place?

At ENGIE Insight, we’re passionate about helping our clients save energy and money, all while reducing their footprint. The first step is understanding how much energy each of your facilities consume. This site-to-site comparison will help you better identify opportunities for efficiency projects across your portfolio.

ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager is an interactive resource management tool that enables organizations to track and assess energy and water use across their entire portfolio of buildings. Benchmarking helps them set a baseline, goals and track performance.

How do we know so much about ENERGY STAR? Over the last 12 months, we’ve benchmarked over 62,000 properties every month and led over 750 certifications. With around 270,000 total monthly benchmarks for ENERGY STAR last year, comprising 26 billion square feet of floorspace, our team contributed approximately 23 percent of all benchmarks!

For organizations looking to reduce consumption and cost, optimize their facilities and work toward sustainability goals, the time for energy efficiency is now. If the creativity and impact displayed from efficiency newcomers to veterans at this year’s ceremony proved anything, it’s that there’s never been a better time to accelerate, reinvigorate, or launch, an energy efficiency initiative.

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