Washington Regulations

Regulatory Update

The State of Washington’s 2009 Senate Bill 5854 requires all nonresidential customers and qualifying public agency buildings to maintain records of energy data with an ENERGY STAR rating system, and the disclosure of those records to prospective buyers, lessees, or lenders. The bill also set benchmarking requirements for public facilities, requiring utilities to maintain utility data and transfer the data to facility managers using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

More recently, Washington governor Jay Inslee enacted the Washington Carbon Pollution Reduction and Clean Energy Action in 2014. That executive order created the state’s first Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce with the sole purpose of designing and creating an implementation plan for carbon emission limits and market mechanisms in the state. The Taskforce’s recommendations will drive forthcoming activity in legislative sessions.

The City of Seattle has also enacted mandatory composting of food & compostable waste, mandatory energy benchmarking for buildings more than 20,000 sq. ft., and mandatory recycling.


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