Video: The Benefits of Outsourcing Management of Complex Invoices CFO Webinar

Uncover Hidden Savings on Energy, Telecom, Waste and Water

Not all invoices are the same. For many finance teams, utilities, waste, water and telecom invoices pose challenges because of their complexity and because, as research shows, on average between six and 12 percent of these invoices contain errors.

Most in-house accounts payable departments don’t have the time, training or technology available to process, analyze and track invoice data among different locations. Outsourcing utility, telecom, water and waste bills to a trusted expense and data management provider can unlock hidden savings and value by ensuring on-time payments, analyzing bills for anomalies and aggregating data from bills so that an organization is better able to prepare forecasts and manage risk.

From this CFO Webcast you will learn:

  • The unique nuances of finding savings on energy, water, waste and telecom bills;
  • How to develop a better understanding of, and apply advances in technology to, auditing and processing complex payables; and
  • How to use information from complex invoices to improve the accuracy of your organization’s forecasts and budgets.

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