Utility Case Study: APS Trade Show Booth

Arizona Public Service (APS), headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona is the state’s largest utility with a customer base of approximately 1.1 million people across urban, suburban and rural environments. APS is also an active community partner, appearing at dozens of community festivals and sporting events across their service territory. These appearances promote APS and what they are doing not only to deliver energy but to help their customers become more energy efficient. In order to attract more visitors to their booth at these events, APS enlisted the help of Ecova and other vendors to build out an all-new trade show booth.

The goal of the booth was to promote all of APS’s efficiency programs—which include efficient lighting and pool pumps, solar, efficient appliances, whole home efficiency upgrades, and even shade trees—but with an emphasis on the flagship ENERGY STAR® lighting program. APS wanted customers to experience different types of energy efficient lighting at the booth so that when they were visiting a retailer, they would have a better understanding of their needs and what types of bulbs to look for.



APS’s previous booth was very generic, consisting of white backdrops and logos on banners. Now they wanted the booth to provide more of a “user experience” that would entice people to explore rather than just quickly visit. Marketing & Creative services presented several options to APS, but the winning concept was to essentially make the booth a living room, where APS could show off all of their energy-saving programs. The living room would tie into APS’s existing whole home efficiency brand.

  • Project management
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • 3D imaging
  • Print production
  • Project coordination


Because it wasn’t feasible to have real seating and appliances in the booth, APS asked for the flat images of the “living room” to appear more photo-realistic. Ecova’s designers collected images of the products that APS wanted to feature in the booth, and used 3D imaging and rendering to make the flat images – such as a couch, pictures, appliances and lighting – appear more three-dimensional. By doing this, the images appeared more like the energy-efficient products that customers would see at the store.


We also devised a solution to make the lighting program stand out and become more interactive. The team collaborated with another vendor working with APS to create two 4-sided light boxes with lighting “scenes” incorporated into the spaces. These scenes included an energy meter, color boxes, three-dimensional indoor and outdoor fixtures, and more – everything the customer would need to know when choosing a bulb during their next trip to the lighting aisle.



The booth was rolled out in early 2014 at a large home and garden event in Phoenix and was a resounding success. Visitors love the interactive elements of the light boxes and are drawn in to the booth just as they would be drawn in to a friend’s cozy living room. Field representatives are engaging longer with customers and even have incorporated a computer and monitor in the booth to walk customers through APS’s new Energy Analyzer.

APS believes that a grass roots, community focused effort is necessary to promote efficiency programs, and this booth has become a gathering place where customers can learn about energy efficiency and all the programs connected to ENERGY STAR. In 2015 the booth was awarded a Hermes Creative Award in the Gold category for trade show booth design.