Case Study: Caesars Entertainment

Global Gaming Company Hits Sustainability Jackpot

With 49 properties, three million square feet of gaming space and 115 million guest visits per year, Caesars Entertainment is the world’s largest casino-entertainment company. Even with its expansive footprint, it is one of the most environmentally progressive gaming companies on the Las Vegas Strip and in the world. That’s because Caesars takes environmental stewardship very seriously. CodeGreen, Caesars’ environmental strategy first launched in 2007, is core to the company’s Code of Commitment, which governs its business conduct.

CodeGreen is Caesars’ organization-wide, multi-year strategy to identify, monitor, measure, assess, manage and reduce its material impacts on the environment and, more broadly, on society. CodeGreen is an important part of Caesars’ citizenship platform, which guides its corporate social responsibility. Since introducing the strategy, Caesars has achieved several significant environmental milestones, earning over 100 awards, recognition and certifications for its pledge to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as water and waste consumption. This includes a recent accomplishment that few organizations can boast: earning a perfect 100 disclosure score on its 2015 CDP Climate Change Program response and a coveted spot on the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI)—feats that ENGIE Insight’s Carbon Management Solutions helped Caesars achieve.

Upping the Ante

While Caesars exceeded its aggressive CodeGreen targets between 2007 and 2014, collecting and managing the performance data was no easy task. “I was doing everything in spreadsheets,” explains Jeff Ruskowitz, Manager of Engineering & Sustainable Operations at Caesars. The additional workload became a full-time job for Ruskowitz, adding to his already-full plate.

“I had to collect utility data off our platform and then go to multiple contacts to obtain fuel, travel and other information. It was a time-consuming and very manual process to turn all of our data into an enterprise GHG number.”

In 2015, with new sustainability goals in place and an ongoing commitment to CDP reporting, Caesars recognized it needed a better data management system. The company turned to ENGIE Insight for a reporting tool, and it quickly realized the relationship could deliver even more for them as a partnership in total energy and sustainability management.

A New Approach

Caesars engaged ENGIE Insight’s team of industry-leading carbon management experts to address three pressing goals:

  1. Establish an efficient and accurate data collection, tracking and monitoring process: ENGIE Insight implemented a two-pronged data management solution for Caesars. ENGIE Insight’s utility expense and data-management service helped it aggregate utility bill processing and analysis, utility site service management, and budget data across its portfolio. Caesars also implemented ENGIE Insight’s CDP-accredited Carbon Manager software, a suite of web-based reporting and analytic tools built on a foundation of high-resolution consumption data and in-depth industry knowledge.
  2. Inventory GHG emissions for verification, and internal and external reporting: ENGIE Insight developed a complete GHG inventory using high-quality energy data collected and maintained in its utility data warehouse along with Caesars’ external emissions data; documented all calculations, conversions and emission factor sources; and provided summaries of the data by scope and other categories to streamline and simplify data verification. The company also supported Caesars’ third-party verification process with hands-on assistance, providing data and insights to support year-over-year changes in methodology, retrieving bill invoices for sample sites, and updating emission factor sources for air travel and electricity.
  3. Respond to the 2015 CDP Climate Change Program and maintain high disclosure and performance scores: ENGIE Insight’s external consulting support provided Caesars with an in- depth response assessment (including a score gap analysis) and recommendations for improvement. The company tapped existing CodeGreen program content and insight from Caesars’ risk management team to re-draft its qualitative responses from the prior year and provide guidance on how to report its 2015 intensity targets.
The Results

caesars-entertainment-earned-a-spot-on-cdliAs one of only nine CDP-accredited software providers in the world, ENGIE Insight gave Caesars the tools and confidence to accurately track, measure and manage its GHG emissions using a consistent, proven methodology backed by verifiable data. With ENGIE Insight’s support, and Caesars’ proven history of environmental commitment and performance, the hospitality leader was able to provide more compelling, qualitative responses to the revised 2015 CDP questionnaire. The result: a perfect disclosure of 100 and an A- performance score. Caesars’ progress also earned it a spot on the highly respected CDLI, an honor only given to the top ten percent of U.S. companies participating in the CDP process. Caesars is one of only five non-S&P 500 companies to make the list.

In the future, ENGIE Insight looks forward to supporting Caesars in setting and meeting science-based carbon reduction targets defined by the Science Based Targets Initiative, a coalition of organizations, including the UN Global Compact, CDP, the World Resources Institute and the World Wildlife Fund.

The ENGIE Insight Advantage

ENGIE Insight makes companies successful through energy and sustainability management. With its robust data management solutions and hands-on energy expertise, ENGIE Insight is uniquely positioned to become an extension of its clients’ teams—giving them more room to focus on activities that drive energy efficiency, carbon reduction and brand value. Clients leveraging the company’s Carbon Manager software and consulting services have an average CDP Disclosure score in the 90s, with four clients on the CDLI and one on the A-list. ENGIE Insight is proud to partner with leading global companies, such as Caesars Entertainment, to drive powerful results and significant environmental progress.

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