Case Study: Dell

Dell Demostrates Corporate Social Responsibility

A common trend in modern business is an increasing desire to go green. While many companies have begun to implement plans to decrease energy usage, not many have taken it as far as Dell.

Managing resources can be a difficult task for any Fortune 500 company. And, launching a company-wide initiative to go green definitely adds to the complexity. Despite the challenges, Dell recognized the environmental and operational benefits of becoming an eco-friendly company and made a commitment to neutralize the carbon impact of its worldwide operations, a significant extension of its global climate policy and environmental stewardship.

To attempt a project of this size, it is essential to have all of the energy usage data available and easy to report on. “That is why we were happy to have been working with Ecova. They had the proper tools and expertise to help us achieve our goals,” said Jeff Krech, Global Facilities Sustainability Program Manager of Dell.



As a client of Ecova, Dell has a database of all its utility billing information. Ecova reviews each bill, looking for and resolving errors, then loads the utility data into a web-based reporting tool. Through this tool,

Dell was able to identify high usage sites and make operational adjustments that led to a ten percent energy usage savings in the first year of working with Ecova.

Additionally, Ecova’s energy supply team was able to assist Dell in evaluating alternative product offerings and sources, helping to validate the financial impacts of each.

“The greatest part about Ecova is how they are patient in teaching and listening to their clients. They listened to us, analyzed our situation and helped us make the best decision for our company’s particular needs,” said Krech. “Ecova recognizes that there isn’t one single answer for every situation. Their solutions for our challenges are always uniquely tailored to meet our needs.”



Corporations like Dell are blazing the path for other companies to follow and, while it is no easy task, they are working towards their goal, setting benchmarks and measuring progress along the way. By doing this, Dell is able to answer to the ever-growing demand from consumers for corporate environmental stewardship. Michael Dell, Dell’s chairman and CEO, has gone so far as to challenge every IT company to work with their suppliers and partners in integrating green power into their operations.

“We are continually impressed with Dell’s unwavering commitment and willingness to learn and understand the innovative alternatives that can help them to achieve their goals,” said John Battista, Commodity Services Director of Ecova, “When Dell approached us, we immediately recognized their high level of dedication and determination to become a green company. We are proud to partner with them in support of their energy management initiatives.”

Understanding and benchmarking your current energy profile is necessary to develop and achieve the desired results in any corporate energy management strategy. Dell has set a high corporate green standard for other companies to follow. Dell took on the big task of diversifying its power supply to reduce its carbon emissions and it is a continual payoff, not only in cost savings, but also in creating a clean energy future.

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