Case Study: Managing Wireless Costs for an Industrial Leader

Gain Better Visibility Into, and Control Over, Mobile Spend and Procurement

A major industrial and environmental services company had a problem managing its extensive wireless portfolio across its workforce. With thousands of employees in locations spanning every region of the US, workforce connectivity and communication were critical to the business. But the rapid expansion of mobile devices had driven up spending on wireless communications. Supporting the mobile workforce was getting more costly and difficult as devices proliferated.

The company turned to ENGIE Insight, already a trusted partner for its wireline telecom management, to gain better visibility into, and control over, mobile spend and procurement.

Through its Mobile TeleManagement Solution, ENGIE Insight implemented new processes in expense management, procurement and help desk, reducing costs and inefficiencies while improving support for the workforce.


The first step was to gain visibility into the existing wireless devices and network. Years of distributed buying had resulted in a complex assortment of plans and devices.

ENGIE Insight created a customized portal to enroll existing users, accurately linking the critical inventory elements of line, device, plan and person. This initial process identified 667 lines with current wireless plans that were unused. By disconnecting unused lines, the company saved on average $80 per device per month – realizing immediate, ongoing savings of $53,360 a month.


With inventory under control, the next step was to optimize rate plans and procurement processes. ENGIE Insight worked with the company to:

  • Establish and automate standard procurement procedures and profiles
  • Create a list of approved devices that meet business needs
  • Identify the correct business plans for each user based on role
  • Automatically block non-business features (downloads, ringtones) to eliminate excess charges

The company’s workforce now uses a streamlined, automated process for requesting mobile devices. People can choose an approved device and a business plan that meets their needs. Approvals for device requests are automatically routed to supervisors through a rules-driven process that conforms to company policy. Restricting the available devices streamlines procurement processes while reducing excessive spending. By guiding people to the right business plan from the start, the company avoids costly overage charges.


Nearly every request for help with a mobile device is urgent – people need connectivity to do their jobs. Before working with ENGIE Insight, the company’s help desk was overwhelmed keeping up with support demands from the mobile fleet, where devices were often deployed in trucks or remote locations.

Today, ENGIE Insight manages the wireless help desk for the company using a dedicated team that is familiar with the company’s devices, processes and people. The assigned team offers expert, responsive support for the company’s employees. Now the company’s own help desk staff focuses on its core business, leaving wireless questions to the ENGIE Insight team.


The partnership with ENGIE Insight continues to prove its value as a fully integrated telecommunications management solution. Significant results include:

  • Documented savings in excess of $1,000,000
  • Better budget planning through improved visibility into expenses
  • Automated, streamlined wireless device and service procurement processes
  • Accelerated problem resolution with a dedicated, client-branded Help Desk

With ENGIE Insight’s Mobile TeleManagement Solution, the company can focus on providing the highest levels of service to its customers, while its mobile workforce remains connected and productive.

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