Case Study: Pipeline Industry Facility Information & Expense Management Services

Our nation’s 200,000 miles of oil pipelines safely and efficiently supply us with a commodity that is fundamental to the American way of life. Since the transportation of petroleum products is complex and carefully choreographed, accurate operational data is required to maintain an efficient process. Having this critical intelligence about each of your facilities and the costs to operate them are what make the difference.

ENGIE Insight manages and organizes this information for over 700 clients nationwide; a complete cost management solution. Whether you need assistance in processing and paying your bills, auditing and reporting on facility data, or help navigating the deregulated energy markets, ENGIE Insight has the expertise you can rely on.

ENGIE Insight’s reporting functions can be used to communicate essential data and provide operational performance to senior management.

Some of the key reporting options available:

  • Use/Cost Analysis
  • Site-by-Site Reports
  • kWh vs. Demand Reports
  • Resource Cost Reports

One of our pipeline clients recently said, “ENGIE Insight’s reporting is crucial to our business. I use the reports to communicate our operational performance to senior management monthly. The information that the reports offer, are by far the greatest value ENGIE Insight provides. I can quickly and effectively communicate my team’s performance.”

We save you time by making it easier for you to calculate cost per barrel, as well as offering reports you can utilize to improve operations.

Often intelligence is not enough. You need someone to manage the seemingly unending job of making certain the facility expenses are paid on time and accurately, as well as someone to help you act on identified opportunities.

ENGIE Insight audits and analyzes each bill to ensure your data is correct. All billing discrepancies are investigated and worked to resolution on your behalf by the ENGIE Insight staff. Pipeline clients have come to rely on ENGIE Insight as an extension of their team. “There isn’t a day that goes by that a member of my team isn’t working with someone at ENGIE Insight”, said one pipeline client.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, giving clients comfort in knowing constant communication and problem solving is just a phone call away.

Accurate facility information and expense management services you can trust – is no pipe dream, it’s a reality. Pipeline companies benefit from our services, and so can you.

Achieving Results

ENGIE Insight saves clients millions of dollars each year. One pipeline client explains, “We had a particular pump station that had an extremely high cost for kWh, with monthly invoices exceeding $5,000. This bill was paid for several billing cycles, unnoticed by our accounts payable department. ENGIE Insight found these charges to be out of the norm and investigated. Our usage was analyzed and ENGIE Insight found this particular station had an actual usage, of $25 per month, but was being billed a $5,000 contracted minimum monthly fee.

ENGIE Insight understood the unique needs and the appropriate load factors to expect in a pipeline account, identifying the unusual fees which resulted in savings near $60,000 at that station alone.

  • Implement a more user-friendly, standardized single-stream waste diversion program
  • Re-energize and expand communication with employees
  • Research logistics of initiating future separate diversion programs for items that weren’t allowed in the single-stream program, such as Styrofoam

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