Case Study: Staples

Staples’ Energy Management Program Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Nearly 20%

The Staples energy management program is recognized as one of the more highly developed and accomplished programs in the retail sector. From automated building controls and the latest lighting technology in their stores to nationally recognized leadership in the area of carbon emissions reduction and green energy procurement, including innovative concepts such as solar roof installations and advanced controls in their distribution centers, Staples has their energy game plan in place.

Bob Valair, Director of Energy and Environmental Management for Staples, Inc., recognized early on that having access to energy data would be the key to a successful energy management program. Ecova’s program with Staples provides this access, and processes over 55,000 invoices per year for Staples, creating a rich database of energy performance information across their entire portfolio.



Since 2006, Valair has worked to increase energy awareness across the Staples organization, making energy conservation a bigger part of everyone’s job. Partnering with Ecova’s Energy Consulting Team, Valair has been able to communicate the impact of operational and behavioral changes that improve energy performance. Ecova provides Staples with customized reports with energy performance indicators across the entire enterprise as well as each individual site giving Staples the information they need to identify key performance opportunities.



Working with Ecova’s energy reporting tools for the past eight years has kept Staples competitive in their sustainable energy efforts, but they wanted to take their program to the next level. In their pursuit of superior energy management, Staples once again turned to Ecova.

Staples requested a uniform, easy-to-use report that would conveniently present trending, benchmarking and current month performance information by site. While this data was already accessible through various Ecova reports, Staples wanted a consolidated report that contained it all in one place and would allow them to quickly drill down to the site level. Based on the feedback received from Staples, Ecova developed a custom report to meet their needs. This new “Performance Dashboard” report makes site level reporting easier than ever.



The Performance Dashboard includes three distinct interactive reports: trending, benchmark and current month performance by site allowing Staples to compare not only district level performance, but site level performance as well. The Performance Dashboard was created to offer consistent reports across the board. These reports offer concise views, using only key variables, and are represented in an easy to read, graphic format.

The Performance Dashboard allows Staples to easily turn knowledge into action.

Once a site or district is found that warrants investigation, Staples can use this report to communicate the opportunities or trends that need to be addressed, allowing for quick and clear communication to their facility managers. This report supports Staples efforts for continued excellence in their overall energy management and has helped them to improve their energy conservation efforts,

Resulting in an estimated 20% reduction of their overall U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions over seven years.

Staples is committed to finding innovative ways to improve their energy management program. To date their program has been an outstanding success and a model of what a socially responsible corporation can achieve

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