Whitepaper: No-Cost, Low-Cost Energy Conservation

For businesses that have put a freeze on spending, the idea of taking action to reduce energy consumption may seem impossible. What many are unaware of are all the options for energy conservation that cost nothing, or very little. There are many opportunities for no-cost, low-cost, energy conservation measures (ECMs) that are effective in cutting consumption and adding to a business’ bottom line. All that is required to put these ECMs into action is close observation of facility operations, and small changes to daily operations.

ECMs are the building blocks of any business’ green initiatives and are the most cost effective way to reduce consumption and “go green.” They can come with no cost, a small expense, or a more significant investment. The price tag depends on the magnitude of the action taken to conserve energy and reduce its waste. The simple payback from an ECM can be immediate; you might even see a difference in the next energy bill.

Developing an energy program that is right for your facilities requires a few basic steps to ensure it is off on the right track.

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