Webinar: Summer Energy Market Outlook

What to Expect as Temps Rise

The summer season is upon us and already the weather has been fairly unusual throughout the country, with late-season rain and snow in the West, heat in the Southeast, and flooding in the Plains. Whether you’re watching your energy supply, planning future procurement strategies, or putting together an energy budget, it’s important to be informed of the impacts these and other current events can have on energy supply. That’s where our quarterly Energy Market Outlook webinar, hosted by Jonathan Lee, Energy & Sustainability Analytics Manager, can help. Jonathan provides his own insightful analysis of the current state of energy markets and future supply, demand and pricing outlook. In this summer edition, Jonathan will touch on the following trends shaping up so far:

  • Once again, natural gas production continues to be strong, which will keep the market down. But changes are coming. How will LNG exports affect demand? We’ll share our predictions.
  • A natural gas storage deficit is ongoing, and we’ll tell you if this should be a concern.
  • Similar to last summer, electric reliability in California and Texas is a top concern, so we’ll address how you can plan for this.

Jonathan will also welcome a guest presenter, Matt Pittinger, Senior Energy Manager, who will discuss Peak Demand more in depth and how you can better plan for these events, so they don’t unexpectedly affect your energy budgets.

We hope you will join this lively discussion and be better prepared for not only the upcoming summer months but the rest of 2019 as well. Register today!