Report: The Value of Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Trend Telemetry Data

Findings From Industry Professionals

The decision to invest in an Energy Management System (EMS) is a commitment to delivering measurable results. From the moment your system is installed, management, maintenance, and efficiency become inseparably linked. To support these goals, the following methodology was employed by Ecova to gather objective and broad response from the Ecova client base and broader market. We surveyed multi-site companies to better understand how you select, manage and maintain these systems to deliver business results. The question set was nearly identical to questions asked in a 2013 survey in order to also assess year-over-year trends.


82% of respondents have EMS installed at some or all of their facilities.

Across all verticals, we see installation rates within portfolios range from very few facilities (typically seen with pilot programs) to 68% of respondents indicating EMS installed at more than half of facilities. EMS has been adopted across a variety of verticals, with accommodation and lodging and big box retail among those with systems installed at more than 50% of their facilities.


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