Video: Corporate Climate Action: The Business Benefits to Forging Ahead Webinar

Now that the Paris Agreement is entered into force and signed by almost 200 world leaders, it’s important to learn how it could have a direct impact on your business—and how your business can benefit from your actions on climate change. Some of the largest global companies are already working to achieve climate neutrality by focusing their actions on benchmarking energy and carbon, achieving deep efficiency gains and investing in renewable technology. Not only are these actions protecting the environment, but they are strengthening business resiliency and the global economy.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has highlighted three steps companies should take to start achieving climate neutrality:

  1. Measuring your carbon footprint,
  2. Reducing emissions as much as possible, and
  3. Offsetting what you cannot reduce with UN certified emission reductions.

Join Ecova for an expert panel discussion on these steps, how they can positively impact your business, and how Ecova is committed to supporting our clients who are taking the lead on climate action. During the webinar we discuss:

  • How current events and global agreements here and abroad can directly impact business
  • The first steps businesses can take in planning a climate neutral strategy
  • The various scenarios for investing in alternative business and energy technologies and how to determine what is right for your company

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