Video: Emerging Energy Efficiency Technologies Webinar

The pace of technology development in our personal and professional lives is incredible! Concepts that were introduced just a few years ago quickly become common, and then become mandatory as they are adopted into building codes and standards. It is frustrating to complete an installation project only to discover that what was just installed is now obsolete – surpassed by something even better. This rapid pace of change can paralyze some organizations – causing them to become even further behind.

It is critical for facility managers, owners, and utility energy efficiency program teams to constantly look ahead to see what new technologies are emerging that could represent opportunities for significant energy and cost savings. Mike Bailey will review emerging technologies that will likely have significant affect on rebate and efficiency programs. Including:

  • Review the technology development cycle and how utility incentives help worthy products “cross the chasm” to broad market adoption
  • New lighting equipment and control technologies are changing how people interact with light that have existed since mastering fire
  • Adoption of new ways to heat and cool buildings that reduce construction costs, improve comfort and save energy