Video: IMA Webinar For the Love of Bills — and Savings!

Uncover the Hidden Potential in Your Complex Payables

Call us crazy, but we at ENGIE Insight (most of us, anyway) just love bills! And the more complex the bill—like energy, water, waste or telecom—the more excited we get about it. Why? I guess you’d say that digging through the valuable data in those payables is like mining for gold, and there’s nothing more exciting than uncovering hidden savings. It does take a good understanding of each bill’s individual nuance, combined with the right technology and auditing process.

In this webinar video, ENGIE Insight’s Patrick Jones discusses how to unlock the enormous value hidden in the bills you receive each month, followed by case study results from Sonic Automotive’s Kevin Hensley. Whether your goal is to reduce the costs associated with complex payables management, reduce resource costs, or ensure a more defendable, data-driven budget, this webinar has something to offer you.

Patrick and Kevin cover the following key topics:

  • Recognize opportunities for near-term and long-term savings within energy, water, waste, and telecom bills.
  • Organize a foundation of actionable data to guide meaningful next steps.
  • Identify emerging technologies that can help drive efficiency and savings.
  • Apply data from within complex invoices to improve the accuracy of your forecasts and budgets.

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