Video: Putting Complex Payables to Work Webinar

Not all bills are created equal. Complex payables like energy, telecom, water and waste are a top operational cost with a wealth of savings opportunity when managed well. Wide variances in formatting and frequency, coupled with high percentages of errors, make these payables difficult and costly to process and analyze. Late fees, missed invoices and shut-offs are a common and expensive occurrence. These payables are not only rich in near-term savings opportunities, but also hold the key to long-term, downstream benefits.

Join us as Patrick Jones, Product Management Director, and Joy Fryer Product Manager, Expense & Data Management, of ENGIE Insight, explain how understanding the common challenges of complex payable management can drive near-term and down-stream savings, improved forecasting and support building a defendable budget.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • What makes complex payables rich with savings opportunities
  • How to identify savings within complex payables
  • How to utilize technology to better audit, process and capture data
  • Putting data from complex payables to work to drive downstream benefits

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