Video: Q2 Energy Market Update Webinar

Summer Outlook and Tips for 2018 Budgets

Winter 2016/2017 registered as the 6th warmest on record, resulting in the third highest post-winter natural gas storage level on record. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the current supply and demand balance and the influence on near-term and long-term energy prices. And, because it’s never too soon to start planning, we’ll also cover tips and best practices for energy and utility budgeting.

Jonathan Lee, Ecova’s Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager, Energy Procurement, shares an overview and discussion of these issues as well as foreseeable energy trends.

Join us as we review:

  • Energy/Utility Budgets – never too early to start looking at 2018; get prepared
    Tips and best practices for effective energy budgets
  • Winter/Spring Recap & Summer Outlook – overall 6th warmest winter on record
    Electricity (regional capacity changes for summer: Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, New England)
  • Natural Gas Supply & Demand Balance – decent amount of natural gas in storage, but can production keep pace with summer demand?
    It’s influence on near-term and next winter’s energy prices

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