Video: Retail Facility Management Tips for the Holidays Webinar

Summer is almost behind us and the holiday season – including the critical “busy” months of October, November, and December – is just ahead. More customers, temporary employees, extended hours, and variable weather are just a few of the changes retailers experience every holiday season. All of this activity leads to a very merry bottom line at the end of the year, but it also brings significant challenges to retail facility management, including higher demand for energy and water use, an increase in waste, and greater financial risk related to building systems.

In this webinar, we address many of the challenges retail facilities face during the holidays and go over the solutions to start implementing before the first leaves fall from the trees.

A panel of ENGIE Insight experts will explore the following challenges and best practices:

  • How to address increased energy needs—from heating to lighting—in your facilities, and prepare for the possibility of added volume of maintenance service calls during busy periods.
  • Managing an increase in waste, and best practices for diverting your waste stream to keep costs down.
  • Strategically analyzing and managing the increased carbon impact brought on by higher energy and water use.
  • Implementing a proactive strategy to facility monitoring needed for preventing and preparing your retail sites

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