Video: Starving the Landfills: Food Waste 201 Webinar

With social, environmental, and economic impacts, limiting food waste is perhaps our most important opportunity to change the waste stream. Through rising landfill costs, new regulations, and public demand for sustainability, food waste is getting more national attention than ever, but finding the right solutions for your business seem complicated. Watch this second installment of our food waste series, where we dive deeper into how to collect data, develop insights and drive action; all from the food waste in your garbage. We review:

  • Data: The regulatory environment, how to learn the story your garbage is telling and what these mean for your business
  • Insight: Emerging and existing technologies, real challenges for businesses like yours, and how to assess the right opportunities for you
  • Action: How Chelsea Market’s property manager, Neil Morgan, capitalized on using data and insights for a more efficient and sustainable waste system, which enables collecting food waste