Video: There’s Gold in Your Complex Payables, IMA Webinar

In the world of AP, not all bills are equal. Some are simple to track, pay, and process while other complex payables like energy, telecom, waste, and water bills prove a bit more challenging. With 6% to 12% of these bills on average containing errors, keen understanding of their individual nuances and strict auditing are required to identify and act on these errors. But the opportunity with complex payables doesn’t stop there. Join us as Patrick Jones and Joy Fryer, of Ecova, explain how understanding the common challenges of complex payable management can drive improved forecasting and support building a defendable budget.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

1. Identify savings on energy, water, waste, and telecom bills.
2. Demonstrate a better understanding of, and apply advances in technology to, auditing and processing complex payables.
3. Apply complete data from complex invoices to improve the accuracy of your organization’s forecasts and budgets.
4. Use benchmarked bill data across your organization to drive savings and operational excellence.

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