Video: Turn Data Into Savings with Proactive Facilities Management Webinar

From maintenance costs to monthly energy bills, facility operations are one of your company’s largest expenses—and a significant challenge to manage. Energy management systems (EMS) are widely recognized for their ability to reduce monthly electricity bills, but when managed appropriately, they yield insights that can drive even greater savings in maintenance costs and operational efficiencies. Ecova’s new webinar explores how industry leaders are using emerging technologies to leverage this insight and maximize their savings, providing you with a framework to achieve the same powerful results.

In our webinar, we’ll dive into data-driven strategies with the potential to:

  • Reduce energy cost through a standard configuration and management of set points, schedules and asset performance
  • Ensure 24/7/365 proactive alarm and issue management to eliminate unnecessary usage, prioritize occupant comfort, and avoid the risk of food contamination or loss
  • Inform capital expense strategies and planned maintenance through extensive data-driven insights

Proactive facilities management helps you uncover savings opportunities you might otherwise miss out on—from troubleshooting underperforming assets to optimizing your maintenance strategy. As building systems and performance data become increasingly complex, leveraging data to proactively managing facilities is essential to driving overall operational savings.

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