Video: Understanding and Controlling Energy Costs In Grocery and Retail

A Chain Store Age Webinar

When you have multiple facilities, staffed by different employees, visited daily by hundreds of customers, it can be nearly impossible to understand what “normal” energy use looks like –and how to identify and control energy costs and waste across your entire enterprise. Fortunately, there are many ways to control this major expense—as well as the costs of water and waste—beginning with a foundation of good data and solid benchmarks.

In this Chain Store Age webinar we demonstrate how to identify and develop a strategic process for reducing your facility operating costs and then drive action with operational and behavioral changes. Learn how continuous monitoring and building system technology will keep your facility ahead of expensive problems. We also include examples and best practices from a variety of businesses like yours.

Watch the webinar below to learn more about:
• Collecting utility and meter data
• Using this data to benchmark usage across your portfolio
• Identifying outlying facilities
• Making sense of the data to drive action
• Leveraging technology to support operational changes and reduce costs

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