Video: Unpacking Grocery Waste to Drive Big Results Webinar

The complexity and diversity of multiple waste streams make the grocery business one of the most challenging and opportunity-filled segments in the world of waste management.

Aligning the unique qualities of each department with the waste streams they produce allows you to evaluate your approach, measure the impact of current programs and target opportunities for increased efficiencies. Join us as Ecova waste experts Arnold Bowers, Cynthia Forsch, and Kristin Kinder share actionable solutions for creating positive change in your waste stream.

How do you examine your waste holistically, while paying attention to the nuances in each department? Dealing with expired products, packaging, recycling, food and cardboard across your store requires an educated strategy that accounts for individual departments and begins with understanding your waste stream.

In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies for:

  • Quantitatively and qualitatively analyzing your waste stream
  • Utilizing your waste composition data and collection services to maximize cost savings and diversion
  • Matching your packaging and waste collection to set up each department for success

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