Video: Wind PPAs, Rate Updates and Regulatory Impacts Webinar

Q4 Energy Outlook Update

With the year’s end looming ahead, there’s a lot going on in the energy and regulatory markets. Natural gas appears to be rebalancing after a 22-month high, more corporations are beginning to take on wind power purchase agreements in order to meet their high renewables targets, and of course wild and unpredictable winter weather may affect rates and corporate budgets.

Join Ecova’s Jonathan Lee, Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager, Energy Procurement and Ian Bowman, Product Management Director, for an overview and discussion of these issues as well as foreseeable global energy trends.

You will learn:

  • A better understanding of offsite wind PPA (power purchase agreement) trends and whether you should consider it
  • Insight into energy price movement as the market re-balances and winter approaches
  • Understanding of foreseeable rate/regulatory changes for early next year

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