Video: Wireless Policy First, Technology Second! Webinar

Think before you leap! Before you can select and implement a Wireless Management technology solution, you first need to make several key policy decisions to determine the best management approach for your business. And before you can make those policy choices, you must first establish the objectives that drive the need for the management program itself.

In this 30 minute webinar we identify and explore the five most common drivers for implementing wireless policies: Control Cost Boost Productivity Satisfy Users and Culture Protect Data Regulatory Compliance.

Once business objectives are established, policies can follow. We’ll explore the important policy and structural areas that must be covered, including: the role of executive management, who is allowed to have a device, who owns and pays for devices, how are users supported, what is acceptable use, and who owns enforcement of policy.

View our Dial in the Savings webinar as we discuss the importance of determining which mobile management program is right for your organization and how to stick to your plan.