Webinar: Fall Energy Market Outlook

Energy Market Mix, the Past, Present and Future

The summer season brought cooler-than-normal temperatures. Should you expect similar patterns this fall? Understanding these seasonal impacts and other current events is crucial in identifying the potential effects on your energy supply strategy. Our market expert and Energy & Sustainability Analytics Manager, Jonathan Lee, is here to help. In his quarterly Energy Market Outlook webinars, Jonathan provides his own insightful analysis of the current state of energy markets and future supply, demand, and pricing outlooks. In this fall quarterly edition, Jonathan will touch on the following trends shaping up so far:

  1. The record injection season for natural gas storage and its effect on prices.
  2. Electric price volatility and updates on what to expect for electric reliability this upcoming quarter.
  3. Recap the latest trends in renewable energy and key takeaways from supply-side management.
  4. What winter-sensitive markets should prepare for when temperatures drop.

We hope you will join this lively discussion and be better prepared for not only the upcoming fall months but the rest of 2019 as well.