Beyond LEDs: Secrets to a High-Return Sustainability Strategy

The days are gone when just installing LEDs and offering recycling bins can be considered a comprehensive sustainability program. In today’s landscape, businesses face growing pressure from investors, customers, and peers to be more transparent about their resource consumption and commit to a long-term plan to reduce their impact. However, for companies with hundreds or thousands of sites, developing a strategic approach to sustainability and embedding it into the company culture is a daunting task. Factors like weather, access to rebates and incentives, national roll-outs, and varying utility rates add layers of complexity to any strategy.

In this webinar, three panelists will address some of the most common challenges facing large, multi-site organizations as they evaluate their sustainability strategies. You’ll hear about a range of best practices, including:

  • Prioritizing projects
  • Setting sustainability targets
  • Choosing the right disclosure framework
  • Measuring project ROI, and more

We’ll walk you through each stage of a sustainability strategy from benchmarking through disclosure and continued optimization. Have a question? Submit your questions in the form on the right and we’ll pick top themes for your panelists to address.