Webinar: Blue is the New Gold

What You Need to Know About Sustainable Water Management

Water policymakers have been looking at the risks associated with how we manage and use water in the United States and around the world. We are making progress, but much more needs to be done. At the facility and portfolio level, conservation is our greatest resource.

On a daily basis, we are presented with the opportunity to have a positive impact on the way that water is managed and used while minimizing the effect of rising water cost on our businesses. Are you up to the challenge?

Join Ecova to:

  • Understand current water trends and cost drivers
  • Identify physical and regulatory water-related risks
  • Gain insight into sustainable water management strategy and tactics
  • Look at tools and resources that you can use to effectively manage water and associated cost

Bring your questions and ideas to discuss during the live Q&A session following the webinar.


Brooke Mittermann
Strategic Energy & Sustainability Programs Manager, Ecova

Catherine Osborne
Engineering Specialist, Energy Management, Ecova

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