Webinar: Q3 Energy Market Update

How to Prepare for Fall

Join Jonathan Lee, Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager, for the Q3 Energy Market Update: How to Prepare for Fall. As we look back on a summer with ups and downs in both temperatures and energy markets, we’ll also look ahead to budget season and of course the return of cooler temperatures and the chance of more extreme weather.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Summer recap: We still have at least a few weeks of summer weather, but we’ll discuss where we’ve seen the potential for the largest spikes in energy markets this summer (if you’re in California or Texas, you probably know the answer).
  • Prepping for the rest of the year: We’ll go over actionable steps for you to take now to winterize your energy budget against fall and winter weather, which is just around the corner.
  • Preparing energy budgets: We’ve got some tips and tricks to think about when preparing upcoming energy budgets.

Jonathan enjoys interacting with all of you, so be sure to bring your questions for the live Q&A portion! We hope to see you there.