Webinar: Sustainable Manufacturing

From Sourcing to Distribution

Corporate responsibility and sustainability action are no longer optional for manufacturers. Consumers are seeking not only green products, but also operations. Investors are putting emphasis on sustainability practices and the transparency gained through carbon disclosure and corporate responsibility initiatives. And, there’s always a year-over-year need to reduce operating costs. Equipment and facility upgrades are just one box to check towards responsible resource management, but today there is an apparent divide between those who are “going green” and those who are “innovating green”. Manufacturers are stepping back to see a panoramic view of their business models and focusing on optimizing their sustainable practices.

In this webinar Varun Gowda, Senior Director of Product – Sustainability Services with ENGIE Insight, will discuss the big impacts manufacturers should be making across sourcing, processing and production, and distribution. We’ll double-down in the following areas:

  • The driving market forces complex manufacturing sites face
  • Considerations and strategies for sourcing and distribution partnerships
  • New strategies for energy, water, and waste reduction
  • Resources to support your public corporate responsibility and disclosure

We hope you can join us for this informative discussion.