Webinar: Waste Regulations

How to Ensure Strong Privacy and Compliance

Is your business waste compliant? Cities and states have made headlines for bold regulation changes within waste management over the past few years. This added focus on disposal practices has forced businesses to react in big ways – or pay big fines. Industries ranging from retail to healthcare are feeling the pressure from consumers, stakeholders and increased regulations to properly manage their waste streams. Although many people contribute to a waste stream, it is the organization who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that its waste practices comply with regulatory requirements.

Even companies with robust privacy and compliance programs are shocked to discover what ends up in their trash.

In this webinar our waste experts will provide you with tools and recommendations for developing a strong waste compliance strategy. You’ll walk away with:

  • An overview of regulations per territory and waste auditing best practices
  • A process for reporting and analyzing data to uncover savings and diversion opportunities
  • A methodology for implementing changes to your employee’s behavior and waste work flow

Presented by Lani Aviado, Sustainability Services Director at ENGIE Insight, and Chelsi Tryon, Compliance & Sustainability Manager at ENGIE Insight.