What We Do

ENGIE Insight, formerly Ecova, partners with multi-site businesses that aim to thrive in a sustainable world.

With a foundation of accurate and comprehensive resource data – including energy, water, waste and telecom – we apply technology and people expertise to move our customers’ sustainable resource management initiatives forward.

Geographic Focus

ENGIE Insight delivers services in over 50 countries across six continents today, supporting our customers' regional and global needs in more than 15 languages.

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Global Solutions

Our global solutions help multinational organisations leverage facility-level data to drive cost savings and address energy procurement and consumption challenges.

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We understand that different industries have different energy demands. Serving over 710,000 international client locations today, ENGIE Insight is well-positioned to support the regional and global needs of complex businesses.

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Ecova is now ENGIE Insight

New brand represents the company’s singular focus on data-driven insights for sustainable resource management.

The Energy and Sustainability Advantage

ENGIE Insight has partnered with CFO to create an expert guide for finance leaders on how to drive energy and resource savings.