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Solutions That Fit Your Global Needs

ENGIE Insight’s Global solutions help national and multinational organisations leverage site-level data to drive cost-saving actions and address energy procurement, management and consumption challenges. Learn more about our global solutions below.

Global Utility Invoice Data Management

Drive cost savings and facility efficiencies with a fully managed invoice solution featuring detailed data capture, data quality control and completeness checks, and robust reporting supported by best in class analysis capabilities.

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Global Strategic Energy Sourcing

Effectively manage energy procurement opportunities, costs, risk tolerance and contracts across an international portfolio of sites with the combination of region-specific intelligence, a centrally organised platform, and robust reporting.

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Global Portfolio Benchmarking

Gain insight into facilities-specific, weather-normalised utilities performance through analysis of resource consumption trends, gleaned from data that reveals the root cause of consumption changes to enable targeted priorities for corrective action.

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Global Carbon Management

Leverage CDP accredited software to identify carbon mitigation opportunities and seamlessly report on carbon performance to save money, comply with standards and maximise the brand-building value of your carbon management efforts.

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