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Today we face new challenges & opportunities

The challenges seem daunting. Global energy price fluctuation. Water scarcity. Evolving regulatory mandates. Changing utility business models. Evolving customer expectations. Companies and utilities are navigating uncharted territory. We’re on the cusp of major transformation in how we manage energy, water and waste.

And it will only accelerate.

We’re focused on strategies and solutions that help companies and utilities thrive in a world of energy and sustainability management.

We’re building a future that will provide our clients with the data, insight and action to drive sustainable results.

As a part of ENGIE, Ecova has new resources and a global footprint that are accelerating our growth and our solutions portfolio. We are investing in innovative technology and in the people who will lead the energy transition.

Our goal is nothing short of architecting the future.

How? Here are the solutions we’re continuing to expand:



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10 Ideas That Will Architect The Future