Advantage IQ And Ecos To Become Ecova, Address The Energy And Sustainability Management Challenge

With more than 500 commercial and utility customers, Ecova is positioned to offer total energy and sustainability management solutions to help clients see more, save more, and sustain more

Spokane, WA — October 17, 2011—Advantage IQ, a leading utility expense, energy and sustainability management firm serving large commercial and industrial companies throughout North America, and Ecos, an Advantage IQ subsidiary delivering electric and gas utility demand-side management services, are joining forces to become Ecova.

Ecova is uniquely positioned to provide insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, more than 450,000 business sites and millions of households, and to provide managed, technology-optimized solutions that increase returns, lower risks and build reputations. Ecova clients include Fortune 1000 companies such as GameStop, Panda Restaurant Group, Petco, Shell, Staples and, with the addition of Ecos, many North American electric and gas utilities.

“As Ecova we can leverage the deep expertise of several incredible companies working in both energy supply and demand-side management, for a comprehensive solution to help our customers see more, save more, and sustain more,” said Jeff Heggedahl, CEO of Ecova. “The world is changing. Financial pressures are causing companies and utilities to look more closely at how they can save money and resources. Energy management is a key strategy for cost-savings—and a way for organizations to improve their environmental performance and reputations with stakeholders.”

The depth of experience and range of services under the Ecova brand give its customers the data-driven insights needed to achieve increased energy efficiencies and sustainability across their organizations or territories. Ecova’s solutions span both sides of the energy meter, from utilities that provide energy to the households and facilities that use it. Utilities will benefit from Ecova’s $18 billion of real-world energy expense and usage data for actionable analyses to develop better and targeted programs to capture kilowatt-hours and other energy reductions. With Ecova’s expertise, companies gain further visibility into their facilities’ inefficiencies, helping them manage energy supply and demand for lowered costs and measurable impacts.

Ecova’s offerings proactively and cost-effectively manage client expenses across their organizations, from providing the resources and industry expertise to assist with volatile utility budget forecasting, to designing and implementing energy efficiency and sustainability programs. Ecova’s capabilities reach across energy, water, waste, carbon, telecom and lease categories through its expense management platform, its sustainability services and the implementation of large-scale energy supply and demand-side management activities. In the past two years, Advantage IQ and Ecos have saved clients over $206 million, with a 95 percent renewal rate.


Ecova also announced the release of a major update to its carbon accounting and management solution. Through redefining the way clients manage and lessen their carbon footprint, Ecova has developed three approaches to provide a comprehensive carbon platform:

  • Identify: Web-based tools and dashboards—combined with Ecova’s expertise—enable companies to fully account for their global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce: A full suite of analytical tools help forecast future emissions, model mitigation scenarios, and track the efficacy of energy and carbon reduction projects. The Ecova energy and carbon management staff provides the expertise to craft, implement and manage energy efficiency projects necessary to meet reduction goals.
  • Report: A robust, customizable and comprehensive reporting engine allows granular and enterprise-wide reporting; Ecova energy and carbon management staff work with companies to compile both qualitative and quantitative information required to meet the growing information demands from internal and external stakeholders.

Ecova: Wendy Carhart, 503-525-2700 ext. 465,

The solution provides clients with the ability to create a complete international carbon inventory, forecast future trends, model multiple “what-if” scenarios and track mitigation project efforts. The new version also provides a greatly expanded array of reporting capabilities, enabling clients to see and share information like never before

“Demand from investors, consumers, and third-party interest groups for sophisticated and transparent carbon accounting grows daily,” said Marianne Hedin, Senior Analyst with Pike Research. “This new tool from Ecova allows users to understand, act and report on data important to key stakeholders.”



Ecova is the total energy and sustainability management company whose sole purpose is to see more, save more, and sustain more for its clients. Using insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, hundreds of thousands of business sites and millions of households, Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimized solutions for saving resources, which in turn increase returns, lower risks, and enhance reputations. Ecova’s subsidiary, Ecos, will immediately begin merging its operations into Ecova but continue as a separate legal entity through the end of the year. Ecova is the largest non-regulated subsidiary of Avista Corp (NYSE: AVA).  For more information, visit the company’s website at, on LinkedIn at, or follow Ecova on Twitter at @ecovainc.