Ecova Expands Operations to Europe

Spokane, WA — March 22, 2016 — Ecova, Inc., a leading energy and sustainability management company, announced today that it will expand operations through management of a fellow ENGIE subsidiary, Power Efficiency Limited, a leading European energy procurement and carbon reduction consultancy. Like Ecova, Power Efficiency provides solutions including energy procurement services, invoice validation, portfolio benchmarking, carbon reporting and carbon policy development to multi-site companies. In addition, Power Efficiency will operate under the new name Ecova, Inc. Limited.

“This is a smart management and brand integration for our two companies and I’m excited that Ecova’s first step outside North America has been to add capabilities in Europe,” said Jana Schmidt, chief executive officer for Ecova. “This integration helps us prioritize markets that provide the greatest business benefits to our clients around cost and risk management.”

The expansion into the European market increases Ecova’s client base to a market-leading 900 multi-site clients and over 710,000 sites under management in North America and Europe. The integration of Power Efficiency under Ecova management positions Ecova well to draw on the expertise of the team located in Europe to provide a robust suite of solutions to North American-based clients that have locations in Europe. Additionally, European-based clients will benefit from investments made by Ecova toward future product development efforts to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic, global energy landscape.

Ecova has positioned itself for global expansion by putting key management personnel in place to manage this integration and international growth.

Olivier de Jonghe, who is located in Brussels, has been appointed chief international business development officer. Olivier is responsible for the development of Ecova outside of North America, including sales and marketing, as well as the back-end support areas like finance, human resources, and legal at a regional level.

Martin Sieh, chief facility operations officer, located in the United States, will lead the expansion of Ecova’s global delivery structure into a larger, fully-integrated team, which is a key differentiator for Ecova.

“With these initial steps, Ecova is executing on its international expansion strategy and illustrating its commitment to architecting the future of energy and sustainability management,” said Olivier de Jonghe.

The international needs of Ecova’s clients have focused on visibility into accurate and complete data, energy procurement/risk management guidance, and carbon reporting services. These are all core to Ecova’s strategic vision and are aligned with the company’s plans for providing long term value to clients. Ecova is committed to providing international services and expanding our offering throughout Europe.


Ecova makes businesses and utilities more successful through energy and sustainability management. Ecova blends data and technology, with people and insight, to drive powerful results. Using insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, and hundreds of thousands of business sites across North America and the United Kingdom, Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimized solutions for saving resources, which in turn increase returns, lower risks and enhance reputations. Ecova is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ENGIE, a worldwide global energy player. For more information, visit the company’s website, on LinkedIn, or follow Ecova on Twitter at @EcovaInc.