Ecova Launches New Digital Engagement Solution for Utilities

Spokane, WA — April 5, 2016 — Ecova, a leading energy and sustainability management company, announced today that it has launched a new Digital Engagement solution for utilities. Following the acquisition of Retroficiency in October of 2015, Ecova’s newest team has developed a software-as-a-service offering to enable energy providers to deepen their relationships with business customers, increase customer satisfaction and boost adoption of programs and products.

Powered by scalable, advanced meter analytics technology, the Retroficiency Analytics Platform has already proven to identify customers with at least 2x more energy savings opportunities and increase adoption of utility efficiency programs by 4x more than before, using this platform, empowering utilities and energy retailers to take charge of the energy transition.

“Utilities are facing a level of disruptive change they’ve never seen. How utilities interact with their business customers over the next decade won’t look anything like the last decade,” said Jana Schmidt, chief executive officer for Ecova. “The new Digital Engagement solution will play a pivotal role in shaping the next decade of energy use through automating mass customization of energy data and the recommendations that result from analytics.”
There are three main software applications included in the new Digital Engagement solution:

End-user customer portal that engages businesses with specific insights about how they use energy and recommendations to improve.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns that strategically target and segment customers based on their energy savings opportunities, business characteristics and propensity-to-act.

An online marketplace (in beta) that connects customers interested in projects to appropriate contractors, streamlining transactions and lowering costs.

“Technology, market and regulatory changes are creating an environment where energy providers must become more customer-centric and increase satisfaction to succeed today and in the future,” said Bennett Fisher, who leads Ecova’s efforts related to digital engagement and efficiency analytics. “This new Digital Engagement solution will help our utility clients proactively guide customers through energy efficiency actions and distributed energy investments to enhance service in new ways. Businesses will benefit from deep insights to manage their energy spend and experience better interactions with their energy provider.”

Though Retroficiency will remain the name of Ecova’s analytics platform, the company has formally changed its name to Ecova. Since the acquisition, large strides have been made to integrate the two companies. Retroficiency and Ecova jointly determined that rebranding would position them with a unified vision and set of solutions to best serve current and future clients.

The Retroficiency Analytics Platform team remains responsible for driving its leading analytics and product roadmap for utilities, industry partners and Ecova’s broad base of commercial and industrial clients. Through this platform, along with a new relationship with sister company OpTerra Energy Services, a national energy company that implements efficiency and sustainable energy solutions, Ecova continues to strengthen solutions to help clients (including its portfolio of over 710,000 sites) take action on enhanced remote analytics provided by the Retroficiency Analytics Platform.


Ecova helps utilities navigate and create a new energy future using data, insight and action. Through award-winning program delivery services and software analytics solutions, Ecova seeks to help utilities solve their biggest energy savings and customer challenges while providing a foundation to grow future services. Ecova is a subsidiary of ENGIE, a worldwide global energy player. For more information, visit the company’s website, on LinkedIn, or follow Ecova on Twitter at @EcovaInc.